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The Batplane is a classification given to certain models of Batman's aerial fleet. Taking advantage of the resources of WayneTech's various divisions, notably Wayne Aerospace, Bruce Wayne was able to design modified versions of commercial aircraft for use in his crime-fighting career as Batman.
While the use of these aircraft were useful in Batman's war on crime, launching these planes so close to Wayne Manor's neighboring estates threatened to compromise his secret identity. To solve the problem, the Caped Crusader now "borrows" specially-modified jets and helicopters from Wayne Aerospace's business and military contract hangars.

The first Batplane initially featured a machine gun, with a batmotif nose cone, its designed was based on a fixed wing airplane rather than a helicopter like its predessessor, the Batgyro.
The second Batplane was a retooled Wayne Aeropsace W4 Wraith fighter. In terms of design, it shared features with the Grumman F9F Cougar and McDonnell F-101 Voodoo. When the Batplane was stolen and triplicated by smugglers, Batman and Robin upgraded the Batplane to jet propulsion, adding at least "100 miles per hour" to its maximum speed. Further modifications allowed the plane to transform between Batplane-mode, Batcopter-mode and Batmarine mode.
The third Batplane is a modified Wayne Aviation SlipStream. Detailed to resemble a standard mid-size corporate jet during take-offs and landings, the aircraft can transform into a modified stealth aircraft during flight, capable of altitudes of 60,000 ft and speeds far exceeding that of seeker missiles.

Some of the early Batplane models remain in storage within the Batcave and are maintained and upgraded on a regular basis despite no longer being on active service.


  • Before the Batplane, which was introduced in Batman #1, Batman flew the Batgyro.
  • The designation between Batwing and Batplane usually depends on the vessel's size and occupant capacity; with a Batplane being notably larger than a Batwing and capable of carrying multiple passengers, while Batwings are usually depicted as smaller, one-man fighter craft.
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