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Batmobile 2009

Owner: Batman (Richard Grayson)
Designation: Batmobile
Affiliation: Bat Family

Starting with issue #1 of Batman and Robin, there have been some major changes to the Bat Family: Dick Grayson is now Batman, Damian is now Robin, and the Batcave has moved into the city as it was during Dick's college years. Even the Batmobile is radically different, and is now flight-capable thanks to Damian's work and a set of plans Bruce has designed but never perfected. To convert from street mode to flight mode, the fenders unwrap and extend to form wings, and the rear fins stretch to become vertical stabilizers. The car is also capable of hovering, uses vocal commands, has some degree of autonomy (including while in flight), and is armed with precision missiles.

While primarily operating as the choice vehicle of Batman (Richard Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne), during the Convergence incident, after a year of being locked under a dome by Brainiac, Batman (Bruce Wayne) gives the Batmobile to Batman (New 52 Earth-2) and Richard Grayson (New 52 Earth-2) to aid in their quest to stop Telos' scheme to make the various dome cities fight each other.
The duo then use the vehicle to aid Jay Garrick (New 52 Earth-2), Alan Scott (New 52 Earth-2), Val-Zod (New 52 Earth-2) and Yolanda Montez (New 52 Earth-2) in fighting Telos' drone, resulting in the Batmobile being incapacitated. As the others follow Deimos underground into Skartaris, Batman (New 52 Earth-2) and Richard Grayson (New 52 Earth-2) stay above to fend off various villains from Gotham City; including Absence, Doctor Hurt, Flamingo, Joker, King Coal, Man-Bat, Mister Zsasz, Professor Pyg, Riddler, and White Knight. As he is overpowered, Batman blows up the Batmobile; killing himself and a majority of the villains with him.


  • The design of the Batmobile's flight capabilities was a source of great frustration for Bruce Wayne. However, Damian Wayne managed to solve the problem of its inability to fly.

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