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Batmobile 2000 - 2006
Batmobile 2001

As of 2000 a new batmobile was created as the industrial standard following the conclusion of No Man's Land where, during the Cataclysm event, its predecessor was destroyed.

First appearing in Detective Comics #742, this model had a sleeker design than its predecessor the bat-themed grill is reminiscint of the 1941 - 1950 Batmobile [1] and the 1958 Batmobile [2]. With a turbine air intact located just behind the grill and the obligatory afterburner located near the top of the car at the rear, the stereotype 'wings' on either side of the rear fenders finish the modern design.

During its career the car design made many appearances throughout the Bat-comics from the Batman series to the Batgirl series whereupon it was finally succeeded by a new model during the One Year Later series (although it continued making appearances in the Catwoman comics until the series' final issue in 2008 saw Catwoman stealing and driving off in it).

The Batmobile's typical arsenal remained, as the car was armor plated, and had such features as self-sealing tyres, on-board weapons & weapons-detection systems, a heads-up display, and a retractable roof for entrances from the sky.
The car also possessed an advanced artificial intelligence system that enabled it to drive unmanned to various locations and perform various tasks based on step-by-step programs; such as medical emergency detection and response and vehicle security should the driver otherwise unable to take the wheel.

- Self-sealing, Kevlar-reinforced tyres with flame-resistance, pressure regulation and all-weather treads
- On-board weapons detection systems
- 80K P.P.S.I. vector jet engine
- Retractable roof
- Variable-polarization windshield
- Advanced Radar
- Forward mounted battering ram
- Compact Batgyro in boot
- Voice activation and autonomous driving


  • One of the car's builders once joked that under full power the car could stop on a dime and that without power it wouldn't stop at all.
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