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Batmobile 1998 - 2000
BM 1998 - 2000

Dubbed the ""mean machine" Batmobile", this model, more so than any previous design, was the swiftest and most agile of its kind, as well as the most self-reliant. Auto-engaged twin auxiliary fueltanks increase the batmobile's already considerable range, while seven-day emergency rations and water stores in the trunk allow for journeys outside of Gotham City if necessity demanded it.

The car's dashboard computer was linked to the batcave via a cellular modem. Its back-scoop concealed a satellite dish for TV/radio/GPS linkage. Other features included speed-measuring radar, landsat video mapper, police band monitor and controls for external loudspeakers.
16.6 feet long, 6.4ft wide and 4.8 ft high this batmobile could reach a maximum speed of 266 mph with an acceleration of 0-60 in 2.4 seconds. It possessed a 6-speed manual transmission and required a gasoline/ethanol mix as fuel.

The model was destroyed when the Batcave was collapsed by the earthquake that hit Gotham City.

- Twin-screw supercharger, 1,500 hp gas/turbine engine and triple-stage afterburner
- Adhesive-trap foam gun
- Aerosolized regurgitant sprayer
- Rear-wheel independent drive and digital wheel locks
- Anti-lock double-disc brakes
- Infrared camcorder
- Chain and barrier cutters
- CO2-propelled grapnels
- Rocket-fired ejector seats
- Gell-filled tyres are kevlar reinforced, puncture proof, flame-resistant, all weather treads and pressure regulated
- Rear deploying Teflon-based lubricant slicks, smoke-screens and caltrops

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