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Issue: Batman and the Outsiders #3
Subtitle: Throwdown
Date: February 2008
Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Metamorpho (Rex Mason), Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro)
Supporting Characters: Dr Francine Langstrom, Dr Salah Miandad, Grace Choi, Anissa Pierce, Cassandra Cain
Villains: N/A
Guest Appearances: Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders), Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce), Geo-Force (Brion Markov), Ralph Dibny, Sue Dibny
Other Characters: REMAC, Alfred Pennyworth

In an undisclosed lab Batman, Metamorpho and Katana discuss with Dr Langstrom what she has so far discovered about the captured OMAC when Hawkgirl, along with Geo-Force and Black Lighting, interferre on behalf of the Justice League to take the OMAC away. During their arguements the OMAC rewakens and breaks free, causing the two teams to fight each other as they try to take down the unit. In the end Batman proves that he has everything under control, implementing one of his many contingencies to destroy the OMAC. As the Justice Leaguers leave with the inert unit Batman and the rest move to another room to reveal the real OMAC unit still captured and secure ready for testing.

"Jeeze...Wear a bell or something."
— Metamorpho

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Cover Art:

BO 3

- Batman and Francine Langstrom make reference to the Salvation Run where Kirk Langstrom is being held
- Tatsu's exclamation translates as "Akuma" (a Japanese demon, devil or fiend)

Batman and the Outsiders 3

- Chuck Dixon

- Carlos Rodriguez, Bit

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- Batman and the Outsiders #5
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