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Issue: Batman and the Outsiders #12
Subtitle: Outsiders No More Part 2
Date: December 2008
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro), Metamorpho (Rex Mason), Thunder (Anissa Pierce), Grace Choi, Geo-Force (Brion Markov), Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
Supporting Characters: Dr Francine Langstrom, REMAC, Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce)
Villains: Thomas Wayne, Black Glove
Guest Appearances: Robin (Timothy Drake)
Other Characters: Dr Robert Langstrom

As the story begins at the funeral of an Outsider the timeline goes back two days beforehand where Grace is praying for Thunder to live through her coma. When Batgirl arrives however she lashes out at her before the story goes back to earlier that night where the Outsiders received a message from Batman who wants to send them a code for them to meet him. They recognize that it is a hoax however Batgirl insists that they receive the code anyway in order to analyse it and use it as a lead to where the real Batman might be. The plan backfires as the load the code into Remac where-upon he goes highwire and self destructs; putting Thunder in a coma, killing Remac and blowing Rex to bits.
The story returns to the funeral of Remac/Salah where Batgirl watches from afar as an outcast from the dispersing group. Later on she contacts Robin in the destroyed Batcave who has managed to explore the transmission of the fake Batman and revealed a hidden video from the Black Glove gloating over his plan to destroy Batman and everything connected with him. Batgirl vows to reassemble the Outsiders.

"These two make Batman look like Ronald McDonald. "
— Metamorpho

Outsiders 12 1 - Outsiders 12 2 - Outsiders 12 3 - Outsiders 12 4

Cover Art:

BO 12

- Batman RIP Tie-in
- Final issue for this team roster

Batman and the Outsiders 12

- Frank Tieri

- Ryan Benjamin

Chronology:Full List
- Gotham Underground #9
- Batman and the Outsiders #10
- Batman and the Outsiders #11
- Batman and the Outsiders #12
- Batman and the Outsiders #13
- Batman and the Outsiders #14
- Final Crisis 3/7

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