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Issue: Batman and Robin Eternal #1
Date: November 2015
Feature Characters: Agent 37 (Richard Grayson), Bluebird (Harper Row)
Supporting Characters: Red Hood (Jason Todd), Red Robin (Timothy Drake), Cassandra Cain, Cullen Row
Villains: Mother, Orphan (David Cain)
Guest Appearances: Batman (James Gordon)
Other Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Poppy Ashemoore

Having returned to Gotham City on a mission, Dick Grayson is betrayed by his partner who attempts to kill him on orders from "Mother" but fails. As Dick returns to the Batcave with a USB file given to him by a mysterious girl known as "Cassandra Cain", Harper Row continues her activities as the vigilante, Bluebird, only to return home and come under attack by an assassin known as "The Orphen".

"Do you known how hard it is to convince a seventy year old Chinese guy to give take-out to a girl in costume?"
— Bluebird (Harper Row)

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Cover Art:


- This issue features the first canon appearance of Cassandra Cain in the New 52 DC Universe.

BatmanandRobinEternal 1

- James Tynion IV
- Scott Snyder

- Tony Daniel

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- Batman and Robin Eternal #4

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