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Batman Uniform (Earth Prime)

The traditional uniform associated with the Batman, the Batsuits are each tailored to inspire fear while resembling the silhouette of a bat.
Batman utilizes many different body armour designs, some of which are constructed into his Batsuits, and others which are separate. In its most basic version, the suit is bulletproof around the upper torso and back and can withstand a point blank range blast from a 12-gauge shotgun. Other versions are entirely bullet proof to small arms fire, and have advanced flexible armour plating made from Carbon composites and lightweight metal polymers.
All feature varying degrees of body armour and are primarily combat uniforms designed around each individual’s way of fighting crime in Gotham City. Though there are numerous suit variations designed to contend with a variety of situations, the following uniforms are the traditional suits worn on a regular basis by the Batmen.

Batman-suit (Bruce Wayne) vr 1
Batman-suit (Bruce Wayne) vr 2
Batman-suit (Bruce Wayne) vr 3

Project Batman-suit (James Gordon)

Batman-suit (Bruce Wayne) vr 4




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