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Batman Exo-suit (Prime Earth)

When the technology embedded in the Batsuit is not enough to meet the demands of a particular incident, Batman would don an additional exo-suit; enhanced armour bolstered by advanced robotics and scientific technology.

Bat-wing Exo-suit 1

First Batwing armor,It is made of an unspecified metal capable of withstanding small explosions and crushing blows. It is also bulletproof and shock resistant.The armor's later upgrades grant remote control access and hologram projection.

Bat-wing Exo-suit 2

An exoskeleton Bruce Wayne wears in conjunction with the Suit of Sorrows and the Man-Bat serum to attack Talia al Ghul's headquarters. It has the ability to go invisible and produce electric shocks.

"Thrasher" Exo-suit

Batman donned this battle suit when the Talons assaulted Wayne Manor to kill Bruce Wayne during the "Night of the Owls" incident. Making their way into the Batcave, they forced Bruce and Alfred Pennyworth to take refuge within the cave’s armoury vault. While concocting a plan to lower the cave's environmental temperature to force the Talon's into hibernation, Bruce equipped this exo-suit to combat the Talons while the plan came into fruition.

The Thrasher suit is tougher than kevlar, made from meta-aramid mesh fibers. It was built to do battle in the most inhospitable areas on Earth: able to withstand extreme heat and cold with temperatures as low as the arctic winter. The armor was also equipped with oxygen that could last for weeks.

"Hellbat" Exo-suit

This ex-suit was a collaborative effort by the Justice League to better equip Batman in case they had to deal with large scale threats in an extreme scenario where a powerless Batman would be a liability. The suit was designed by Batman and each League member added their own unique contribution to enhance it. To list a few: it was forged in the sun by Superman, submerged in the high pressure depths of the ocean by Aquaman, and worked on by Wonder Woman in Hephaestus’s workshop. Even Lex Luthor added his own improvement after he joined the League.

Batman took the armor on its maiden voyage to Apokolips in order to retrieve the body of his deceased son Damian. No place could have been more suitable to test the Hellbat’s capabilities than the hellish planet ruled by Darkseid. Its landscape is dotted with burning firepits and inhabited by all sort of fiendish beings like the parademons. With the armor, Batman was able to fly and engage in physical combat with hordes of parademons and defeated Darkseid’s son, Kalibak. The Hellbat also responds to voice activated commands, and parts of it could be retracted at any time. But as impressive as the armor was, one of its kinks was its propensity to drain the wearer’s metabolism, and using the armor for an extended period could result in draining the individual completely. When Batman was finally faced with Apokolips’s despotic ruler, the Hellbat allowed the Dark Knight to withstand a great deal of punishment while dishing out his own. Having retrieved what he came for, Batman activated the armor’s chest port and discharged a powerful blast, which allowed him to escape.

"Justice Buster" Exo-suit

This exo-suit is part of the emergency plan "Fenrir"; a scenario where Batman must do battle against members of the Justice League.

The suit was designed to stand toe to toe in a melee fight with Wonder Woman. Has weapons that can disable Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Cyborg. Its servers, which is more expensive than 60% of the world’s national military budgets, is fast enough to track the Flash’s movements. And lastly, it could counter all of Superman’s abilities and even hurt the Man of Steel without resorting to kryptonite.


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