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Issue: Batman #600
Subtitle: The Scene of the Crime
Date: April 2002
Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Supporting Characters: Barbara Gordon, Nightwing (Richard Grayson), Robin (Timothy Drake), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters: Gotham City Police Department

The Gotham City Police Department begins a manhunt for Bruce Wayne, who has escaped from custody. In his Batman persona, Wayne has returned to his manor, and specifically to the Batcave beneath it, remembering many of the pains of his life so far, the complications of his double life. Here he is confronted by Batgirl, Robin and Nightwing, and, via computer, by Oracle. They want to know why he didn't tell them that he was planning an escape, and are shocked when he says he's not going to try to prove Bruce Wayne's innocence. He also refuses to confirm to them that he is indeed innocent. The evidence is strong, particularly as it seems Vesper had indeed discovered that Bruce and Batman were one and the same. Batman declares that Bruce Wayne is nothing more than a mask, and that from now on there simply is no Bruce Wayne, a declaration that is shocking to the others, particularly as Nightwing (as Dick Grayson) is Wayne's adopted son. After a tussle with Nightwing, Batman leaves the cave, the others wondering what on earth is going on. Batman then hits the streets, feeling free now that Bruce Wayne is no more...

"Bruce Wayne is a mask I wear, that I've been wearing since I was a child...but it's become a liability, so it's over."
— Batman

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Cover Art:

BM 600

- Cassandra's injuries are due to her fight against Lady Shiva in Batgirl #25

Batman 600

- Ed Brubaker

- Scott McDaniel

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- Batgirl Secret Files and Origins #1
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