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Batman: Gotham City Mystery

One player is a villain trying to collect 10 items to complete a nefarious scheme, and the other players play the four heroes (Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing) who cooperate to prevent this.

The villain player plays one of 10 characters (the Joker, Riddler, etc.). The heroes do not know which villain is being played, and their objective is to discover this. Each villain needs a different set of 10 items, so by arresting the minions carrying the items the heroes can eventually determine who is the mastermind behind the crime wave. A handy "Bat-computer" is provided which shows you who the possible villains are when the item cards are inserted.

The gameplay involves rolling a dice and moving your character (or multiple minions for the villain player) around the streets of Gotham, entering buildings to steal things or arresting people, depending on which side you are on. A small deck of action cards spices things up a bit and allows for a bit more planning.


- Mattel


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