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Owner: Bruce Wayne
Designation: Whirly-Bat; Bat-Gyro
Affiliation: Bat Family
First Appearance: Detective Comics #31 (1939)

When the Batman recognized that he needed to get around Gotham City faster than his feet could manage, he designed and constructed the Batgyro, a modification of the autogyros that were in wide use during the 1930's. He maintained the craft in a secret hangar, the exact whereabouts never having been chronicled.
The vehicle could fly like a plane or briefly hover over locations like a helicopter while Batman left the vehicle. It also possessed an early version of autopilot technology. The vehicle was quickly replaced by the faster and more versatile Batwings and Batplanes, however, the Batgyros are still used for fast, short-range transportation. With a backpack version usually stored in the boot of the Batmobile.


  • The Batgyro was Batman's first aerial vehicle, used to travel to Europe.
  • The Batgyro was inspired by Igor Sikorsky's first successful helicopter flight in 1939.
  • The Batgyro was later replaced by the Batplane in Batman #1 (1940).
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