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Batgirls 6

During the O.M.A.C. Crisis in Gotham City, he drove Cassandra Cain (Earth Prime) and Stephanie Brown who had claimed the title of Batgirl in an alternate timeline. Especially Cassandra, who considered herself evil because of her past deeds, he felt that fact with hope, made her feel like she was doing good. With the Joker War dominating the streets of Gotham, Cassandra and Stephanie, codenamed Orphan and Spoiler at the time, decided to do it. To bring a symbol of hope to the people of Gotham, so both claimed it with the blessing of former Batgirl Barbara Gordon (Prime Earth)s. And so Cassandra and Stephanie shared the title of Batigirl. Under the guidance of Oracle, the three moved into The Loft that became their operations base in Gotham.