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Batgirl Uniform (New Earth)
Designed to conceal their identities, protect them from harm and/or just to look flashy, the suits of the post-crisis Batgirls each use the original Batsuit as a basis for their design and add their own variations to either improve on the design to fit their individual requirements or to diversify themselves from Batman.

Batgirl-suit (Barbara Gordon)

Consisting of a black, though sometimes dark grey (similar to Batman's), leotard with a yellow bat-shaped chest emblem, utility belt, hand-gloves and knee-high boots along with a dark blue cape and cowl (also similar to Batman's) with a hole in the back for Barbara's hair to come through, though sometimes black with yellow lining, the Batgirl-suit of Barbara Gordon is the first suit created for, or by, a Batgirl since the Crisis of Infinite Earths.
Originally created to be used as a batman-themed costume for a masquerade ball, however the anonymity the costume provided, as well as its association with Batman, made it convenient to be altered and used in Barbara Gordon’s upstart career as a vigilante.
The costume was soon augmented with mail-ordered equipment from army surplus, sports stores and police supplies. As a result it possessed a police-grade utility belt (though it sometime’s alternates to possessing capsule containers instead), Kevlar lining and various equipment such as pepper spray, shuriken stars, climbing gear and a taser. This meagre equipment was later replaced/upgraded with equipment sent to her from the Batcave by Robin (Richard Grayson). It can be assumed that at this time the costume’s conventional material was also replaced with the typical Kevlar thread and carbon nanotube fibers seen in typical suits of the Bat Family.
The suit was decommissioned when Barbara quit being Batgirl, however a copy of the suit’s design lies in a display case in the Batcave, alongside the various decommissioned Robin-suits, while the original suit was stored in Barbara Gordon’s personal belongings until it was lost when the Gotham Clock Tower was destroyed.

Batgirl-suit (Helena Bertinelli) vr 1

No stranger to the life of a vigilante, and already possessing her own suit as the Huntress, Helena Bertinelli took up a new suit and persona in order to aid in defending her territory during Gotham’s No Man’s Land.
The original version of the suit was an all-black, full-body leotard with cape and cowl and a yellow utility belt, all matching that of the “Troika” Batsuit. The chest emblem was also the same. The mask featured the same eye and mouth holes as the original Barbara Gordon-suit as well as featuring a slit behind the head to allow the hair to swing free.

Batgirl-suit (Helena Bertinelli) vr 2

Helena’s suit would eventually evolve in response to the environment, first bringing the hair into the cowl to prevent it being grabbed, the emblem was altered to that of a yellow-lined silhouette to aid in stealth and the mask was enclosed to cover the entire face to protect the eyes and mouth.
While Helena herself was forcibly decommissioned from the mantle, her suit design would be used for Cassandra Cain’s suit.

Batgirl-suit (Cassandra Cain)

Helena Bertinelli’s suit design was resized and modified with Bat-family technology to be given to Cassandra Cain, who was chosen to serve in Bruce Wayne’s mission against crime as the next Batgirl.
While virtually the same as the final version of Bertinelli’s suit, the equipment in Cassandra’s suit, particularly in regards to the utility belt, was far more advanced due to having direct access to the Batcave and as such it possessed cowl-tech such as communication equipment and transponders. It should be noted however that, aside from the grapnel and batarangs, Cassandra seldom used or was aware of the equipment stored in her belt.
Cassandra, after Bruce Wayne fell at the hands of Darkseid, handed the suit she wore to Stephanie Brown as per Wayne’s lingering instructions. Due to Stephanie’s inability to repair the suit, the suit eventually became so damaged that Stephanie would be issued with her own, new, Batgirl-suit.

Batgirl III Uniform 1
Batgirl-suit (Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe)

During Cassandra’s disappearance from Gotham following the Infinite Crisis incident, having been drugged and abducted by Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) to work for him, Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe fashioned her own home-made Batgirl-costume consisting of a grey t-shirt, jeans, a cape and cowl and gloves. Her stint as “Batgirl” was short lived however as Barbara Gordon convinced her to drop the mantle, Charlotte complied, however she shortly returned under a new alias as “Misfit”.

Misfit 02
Batgirl-suit (Stephanie Brown)

Consisting of a one-piece black/dark purple Kevlar-reinforced and Nomex-interwoven body-suit with ribbed eggplant siding and a black/dark purple cape and a cowl with a hole in the back for hair to come through (similar to Barbara Gordon's Batgirl cowl), Stephanie Brown’s suit is one of the most armoured standard suits in the Bat Family, issued to Stephanie Brown after Barbara Gordon decided to make her an apprentice.

This suit is equipped with the standard equipment seen in the previous suits such as cowl-tech and utility belt equipment; it also possesses internal sensors to monitor heart-rate and blood pressure, as well as being insulated to the point of being near invulnerable to electrical attacks.
The hip-slung yellow utility belt also possesses a holder for an extendable bo staff. The yellow leg-band is made up of containers that also hold weapons and equipment, this leg-band, along with the suit’s colour-scheme, alludes back to Stephanie’s previous persona as the Spoiler.




  • A later innovation with the Barbara Gordon suit saw it capable of transforming into civilian attire and back again. With the mask turning into a beret, the cape as a skirt, the boots’ edges capable of being folded down and the belt can be turned into a handbag.
  • A constant flaw in the Barbara Gordon suit’s design was the high-heeled boots that were sometimes worn, as the heels would constantly break under stress.
  • Helena used the same equipment she had used as the Huntress in her operations as Batgirl, albeit altering them to fit a Bat-theme and ditching the crossbow.
  • A notable point in the Cassandra Cain suit was the mouth-piece that could be, and was repeatedly, ripped off from the mask to bare the mouth and jaw.
  • The Batgirl-suit first seen in No Man's Land (first worn by Helena Bertinelli and passed to Cassandra Cain) was designed by Alex Mallev, who also pencilled the first "No Man's Land" arc.
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