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Batgirl Cave (Gotham)
Sub-cave 2

Owner: Bruce Wayne

Location: Gotham City

Designation: Headquarters

Affiliation: Bat Family

First Appeared In:
- Batgirl #14

Possibly retrofitted from one of his numerous satellite caves within Gotham City, this Batcave was personally renovated by Bruce Wayne specifically for Cassandra Cain’s use. However, since Cassandra herself was already situated in the Clock Tower with Barbara Gordon, he withheld the existence of the cave until Gordon was forced to move Cassandra elsewhere, less Batgirl's actions compromised her identity and location.

The cave is linked to Gotham’s underground tunnel system, with at least five tunnels directly linked to the cave’s central room which is a multi-story training/computer room. Bedding and living areas seem to be located on a floor linked to and overlooking the central room.

The cave acted as Cassandra’s home and base of operations in Gotham City. While others, such as Batman and Robin, operated from the Batcave, she operated from this satellite cave; living and training within it unless embarking on nightly patrol, ordered to join in a mission by Bruce Wayne, or encouraged to go outside by Barbara Gordon.

Following a series of rebellious impulses from Cassandra, Bruce felt that he had to remove her from her position of Batgirl. Taking away her suit, he relocated her as a civilian to an apartment building near the Gotham University. Following her reintegration it is unknown whether or not she returned to live in the cave; however it has been shown that she used the cave’s equipment during the Justice League Elite debacle.


  • As with the other satellite bases belonging to the Bat Family, Alfred Pennyworth maintains the living conditions while Bruce Wayne provides the technology and hardware used on the premises. It has been noted that Cassandra had never actually noticed that Alfred had been cleaning up the cave while she was patrolling the city above.
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