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Batgirl Cave (Bludhaven)
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Owner: Bruce Wayne
Location: Bludhaven, Fort Joseph District
Designation: Headquarters
Affiliation: Bat Family
First Appeared In:
- Batgirl #30

When Cassandra was relocated to Bludhaven following Gotham City’s gang war, she operated from a rented city apartment until this new “cave” was established.

Located in the Fort Joseph district, on street level the base is a two story building, built as a carriage house in the 1880’s, having served numerous different functions over the years.
The second floor had been converted into living areas, with skylight access from the roof, while the first floor possessed deterrents from potential eavesdroppers.
The base’s “cave” level was accessible via a fireman’s pole hidden within a closet on the second floor and only usable after a security scan is enacted. The cave was originally a private subway station built for the whaling tycoons and robber barons that lived in Fort Joseph. It was sealed and the records of it lost or destroyed when the industry collapsed.

Bought by Bruce Wayne, the house and station were refitted to act as Cassandra Cain’s base of operations during her time in Bludhaven.
The building and surrounding area were destroyed when the Society of Super Villains dropped Chemo over Bludhaven.


With its original subway connections restored the cave also has access to an underground tunnel network that was built throughout the city during the Revolutionary War.
Zero seems to have claimed possession of the house; his graffiti mark painted across the house’s front.
- 2-story carriage house (lvl 1 inaccessible)
- Computer terminal
- Holographic system
- Batcycle storage
- Training facilities
- Access to subway and subterranean tunnels

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