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Issue: Planet DC Annual 2000 Batgirl #1
Date: August 2000
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Aruna Shende
Supporting Characters:
Villains: Mr Lahiri
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters: Ashok Ramanan, Rajiv Shankar

During an interrogation a kidnapped boy by the name of Ashok Ramanan is mentioned, Batman decides the boys is now who they are looking for. Ashok, a very popular Indian movie star, had disappeared the day before from the set of his latest movie, which is in Madras, India. At the set, Bruce and Cassandra, in disguise as reporters, meet the director of the movie. After a conversation with the assistant that leads to nowhere at all, the assistant asks them to join her while she views the film they had shot. While they are watching the film, Cassandra is shocked by the realistic monster on the screen. After four viewings, Bruce asks the assistant about the special effects, and they find that they are done by a woman named Aruna Shende. Later, Bruce and Cassandra go to Aruna’s apartment. When they meet her, she jumps out the window and attempts to run away. As the chase continues, Batman and Batgirl ask an old man if he saw Aruna. When he answers that he didn’t, Batman starts to leave. But, Batgirl was not fooled, and knew the old man was Aruna. Batman concludes that Aruna is a shapeshifter, and the old man changes into Aruna. Later, at Ashok’s parents’ home, Aruna and Batgirl interrogate Ashok’s parents. It is discovered that the parents are untouchables, and that the only people who knew where the parents lived were Ashok’s agent, the accountant, and their neighbour, Mister Lahiri. At the Lahiri residence, Batgirl believes that Mister Lahiri knows something about Ashok. Aruna uses her abilities to scare the old man, and he admits that Ashok is out back. While Batgirl is looking for the boy, Mister Lahiri explains that he kidnapped Ashok since the boy is an untouchable. When Batgirl returns with the news that Ashok is dead.

"It is said that a river never stops changing. Why should I be any different."
— Aruna Shende

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Cover Art:


- A typo appears where Batman repeatidly calls Aruna Shende "Aruna Ramanan".
- Another typo appears in Aruna's D.E.O report.

Batgirl Annual

- Scott Peterson

- Mike Deodato

Chronology:Full List
- Gotham Knights #5
- Young Justice #20
- Young Justice #21
- Batgirl Annual 2000 #1
- Azrael Agent of the Bat #66
- Batgirl #2
- Batgirl #3

- Gotham City
- Madras
- Batgirl Uniform
- Batman Uniform

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