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Issue: Batgirl #1
Subtitle: Batgirl Rising: Point of New Origin part 1
Date: October 2009
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), Barbara Gordon
Supporting Characters: Crystal Brown, Cassandra Cain, Leslie Thompkins, James Gordon
Villains: Rico
Guest Appearances: Robin (Damian Wayne), Batman (Richard Grayson)
Other Characters: Wendy Harris, Nick Gage

A new Batgirl’s been patrolling the streets of Gotham and it’s revealed to be Stephanie Brown. While her mother believes that she had given up the vigilante act to go straight as a university student Stephanie can’t seem to let it go and during one stint while fighting alongside Cassandra she is given the Batgirl costume abruptly for unknown reasons. Meanwhile Barbara Gordon, feeling lost and angry due to past events, wanders aimlessly looking for a release.
When the new Batgirl bungles her way through a riot Barbara decides to have a talk with her.

" You’re less chatty than usual."
— Stephanie to Cassandra

Batgirl 2 1 1 - Batgirl 2 1 2 - Batgirl 2 1 3 - Batgirl 2 1 4

Cover Art:

Batgirl 2 1BG2 1 alt

- First issue of the 2nd Batgirl series

BG2 1

- Bryan Q. Miller

- Lee Garbett

Chronology:Full List
- The Network #1
- Battle for the Cowl #2
- Battle for the Cowl #3
- Batgirl #1
- Batgirl #2
- Batgirl #3
- Batgirl #5

-Gotham City
~ Gotham University
~ Caroline’s Diner
- Batgirl Uniform

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