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Name: Batgirl
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: Batgirl
Nationality: Miagani Tribe
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Tribe Leader
Last Known Residence:
11,000 BC Earth
Batgirl is the leader of a tribe belonging to the Bat Clan in 11,000 BC.

After Mister Freeze is teleported from 1876 Gotham City to 12 thousand years into the past after he attempts to use absolute zero to slow down time as part of a plan to revive his wife, he rebuilds his machines to attempt to try the experiment again, only for his machines to start flash freezing the lands around them.

After witnessing the flash freezing death of his people and village, Robin goes to the Batman to acquire his aid in stopping the source of the freezing pandemic. Aware that it is wiser to fight with a team, the Batman additionally recruits the Batgirl to their aid and together the trio travel to the source of the freezing wave and stop Mister Freeze from continuing his experiment.


- Rex Ogle, Travis Mercer

First Appearance:
- Batman: Fighting the Frozen


  • Batman: Fighting the Frozen is a 7-page comic that comes free with any of the associated McFarlane Toys figures (Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Mr Freeze, Batgirl (McFarlane Platinum Edition Chaser))
  • The McFarlane Platinum Edition figure of Batgirl features a blue colour scheme and additional tattoos on her biceps and stomach.
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