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Issue: Batgirl #69
Subtitle: Destruction's Daughter Part 4: Love's Labors...
Date: December 2005
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Supporting Characters: Lady Shiva
Villains: Nyssa Raatko, Shrike, Alpha, The Mad Dog, Mr Freeze, Tigris, Krunk, Momotado, Los Gemelos, Ox, Kitty Kumbata, Wam-wam, White Willow, Lazara
Guest Appearances: Deathstroke, Penguin, Noah, Talia Al Gul
Other Characters: Ubu, Nora Freize

Captured by Nyssa thanks to Mr Freeze's freezing technology, Cassandra was borne witness to Nyssa's plan however she refused to co-operate and was left to freeze in a freezer which also stored Mr Freeze's wife, Nora Freize. Convincing him to help her escape by ressurrecting Nora the pair managed to break into Nyssa's Lazara's Pit and throw Nora into the pit only to have her reemerge as the wrathful Lazara.

"Heroes don't kill!"
— Cassandra Cain

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Cover Art:

BG 69

- First appearance and introduction of Lazara

Batgirl 69

- Andersen Gahrych

- Pop Mhan

Chronology:Full List
- Batgirl #67
- The OMAC Project #2
- Batgirl #68
- Batgirl #69
- Batgirl #70
- Batgirl #71
- Batgirl #72

- Balkan Mountains
~ League of Assassins Lair (Nyssa Raatko)
- Batgirl Uniform

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