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Issue: Batgirl #68
Subtitle: Destruction's Daughter Part 3: Motherlode
Date: November 2005
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Supporting Characters: Lady Shiva
Villains: Nyssa Raatko, Shrike, Alpha, The Mad Dog, Mr Freeze, Tigris, Krunk, Momotado, Los Gemelos, Ox, Kitty Kumbata, Wam-wam, White Willow
Guest Appearances: NA
Other Characters: Ubu, Cristos, Joey N'bobo

Infiltrating Nyssa's base, Cassandra is purposely lead to discover Shiva training the new League of Assassins. Immediately upon her appearance the League bows before her in worship, ignoring the worship Cassandra immediately begins questioning Shiva, resulting in the older woman restarting the duel the two had previously fought. Before she could find answers however, Nyssa interrupts the duel by having Mr Freeze freezing Cassandra in place.

"Am I your mother? Why? Do you feel the forgiving acceptance of my touch? The inexhaustible warmth of my embrace? Look into my eyes. What do you see? Your creation? Or your destruction? Or both?"
— Lady Shiva

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Cover Art:

BG 68


Batgirl 68

- Andersen Gahrych

- Ale Garza
- Pop Mhan

Chronology:Full List
- Batgirl #66
- Batgirl #67
- The OMAC Project #2
- Batgirl #68
- Batgirl #69
- Batgirl #70
- Batgirl #71

- Balkan Mountains, Nyssa Raatko's League of Assassins Headquarters

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