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Issue: #60
Subtitle: The Hood part one of three: Deep Digs
Date: March 2005
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Supporting Characters: Onyx, Alfred Pennyworth
Villains: Penguin, Brotherhood of Evil
Guest Appearances: Noah
Other Characters: Westbrook, Jeff, Marquis, Becky, Brenda Miller, Zero

Living in Bludhaven, Cassandra invites Onyx to train with her, during which the ex-assassin offers her some advice on possessing a secret identity. After obtaining a snitch to track Penguin's movements Alfred arrives to give Cassandra her new base of operations just as her new snitch announces the arrival of a special delivery for the Penguin in Bludhaven airport.

"Look. Onyx is my name. That is who I am. I never got a chance to be anybody else. Too stupid and too arrogant in my youth to cover my face and protect my name, my life. But you, baby girl, you got a face under that mask, a name behind that symbol, and if you're smart you'll get a life, too."
— Onyx

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Cover Art:

BG 60

- First appearance of Cassandra's Bludhaven base.
- The quote "Rip your lungs out" may be based off of the same quote uttered by Jack Nicholson as the Joker in Batman (1989).

Batgirl 60

- Andersen Gabrych

- Ale Garza

Chronology:Full List
- Robin #133
- Batgirl #59
- Robin #134
- Batgirl #60
- Batgirl #61
- Batgirl #62
- Batman Allies Secret Files and Origins 2005

- Bludhaven
- Batgirl Sub-Cave 2

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