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Issue: Batgirl #50
Subtitle: Tough Love
Date: May 2004
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Supporting Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Oracle, Robin (Timothy Drake), Nightwing (Richard Grayson)
Villains: Dr. Death, Sunny Love
Guest Appearances: David Cain
Other Characters:

Her pent-up frustration at being unable to express herself to her "father", Batman, results in her fighting him, and as Dr. Death infects them with a potent dosage of the Soul drug, their inhibitions are released and their fight extends across Gotham, while the remaining Bat Family chase after them with an antidote. However before they can get to them, Batman and Batgirl's battle on Sprang Bridge causes an explosion that blows the pair into the river where Cassandra finally manages to communicate her feelings in a hug.
Settled that she would remain loyal to the mission and to their family, Batman allows her to remain as Batgirl and returns her uniform so that she may continue saving lives as a member of the Bat Family.

"I need to know once and for all where your loyalties lie, Cassandra, with your father?...or Barbara?...or me?"
— Batman

Batgirl 50 1 - Batgirl 50 2 - Batgirl 50 3 - Batgirl 50 4

Cover Art:


- Special 40-page issue

Batgirl 50

- Dylan Horrocks

- Rick Leonardi

Chronology:Full List
- Superman/Batman #5
- Batgirl #48
- Batgirl #49
- Batgirl #50
- Superman/Batman #17
- Robin #119
- Birds of Prey #61

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