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Issue: Batgirl #49
Subtitle: Down Among The Dead Men
Date: April 2004
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Supporting Characters: Alfred Pennyworth, Robin (Timothy Drake), Oracle, Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Villains: Doctor Death, Sunny Love, Faith, Hope
Guest Appearances: N/A
Other Characters: N/A

Unwilling to stop her activities as Batgirl, Cassandra steals Barbara Gordon's old Batgirl uniform and modifies it to better suit her as she re-enters the Gotham streets to track the source of a new version of Soul. In the process she encounters Sunny Love and her gang working for Dr. Death stealing corpses to create the drug. Then Batman catches her in the stolen suit.

"You have achieved more in your few short years as Batgirl than many costumed heroes manage in a lifetime. You have saved countless lives, brought justice to the wicked and helped this city regain hope during the most difficult time in its history. I know for a fact that Master Burce is immeasurably proud of you...and grateful for all that you've done. I wish you all the best, Miss Cassandra. Goodbye."
— Alfred Pennyworth

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Cover Art:



Batgirl 49

- Dylan Horrocks

- Rick Leonardi

Chronology:Full List
- Batgirl #47
- Superman/Batman #5
- Batgirl #48
- Batgirl #49
- Batgirl #50
- Superman/Batman #17
- Robin #119

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