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Issue: #38
Subtitle: Testline
Date: May, 2003
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Supporting Characters: Spoiler (Stephanie Brown)
Villains: Lady Killers, Tiger Lilies
Guest Appearances: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Other Characters: N/A

Stephanie Brown visits Cassandra in her cave in the hopes of accopanying her during her patrols. Despite being told not to by Batman, Cassandra lets Stephanie accompany her, resulting in the pair playing tag along the rooftops.
While talking about their recent discoveries about their families; with Cain being Cassandra's real father and Stephanie's father's death and her baby, the pair come across a turf war between two street gangs in China Town. Making her promise not to involve herself, Cassandra enters the fray while Stephanie watches from above. However, Stephanie ends up breaking her promise.

"No way! I finally beat you at something.."
— Stephanie Brown

Batgirl 38 1 - Batgirl 38 2 - Batgirl 38 3 - Batgirl 38 4

Cover Art:

[[BG 38|150px]]

- Alludes to events in Gotham Knights #37

[[Batgirl 38|200px]]

- Andersen Gabrych

- Jeff Parker

Chronology:Full List
- Gotham Knights #33
- Gotham Knights #35
- Gotham Knights #36
- Batgirl #38
- JLA #80
- Detective Comics #790
- Gotham Knights #42

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