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Issue: Batgirl #3
Subtitle: Redemption Road Chapter Three//Daughters
Date: November 2008
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Supporting Characters: Ravager (Rose Wilson), Marque
Villains: David Cain's Army, Deathstroke
Guest Appearances: Sandra Wusan, Alfred Pennyworth, Timothy Drake, Batman (Bruce Cain), David Cain
Other Characters: Oracle (Barbara Wilson), Nightwing (Richard Grayson), Misfit

Intercepted by Rose Wilson who is also after her own father, Deathstroke, the three come under attack from three members of David Cain's army. Meanwhile Oracle is paid a visit from Nightwing about her hiding Cassandra's research into tracking David Cain.
As the fight ends Marque kills two of the three army members, accidentally letting the third escape in the process. Tracking the escapee Batgirl, Rose and Marque found a hideout for the army and as they prepared to attack Deathstroke watched them from on high.

"Your principal just called, Cassandra. He said you've killed again. Do you know what it means for a daughter of Bruce Cain to be a killer?! What do you have to say for yourself?!"
— Bruce Cain

Batgirl Mini 3 1 - Batgirl Mini 3 2 - Batgirl Mini 3 3 - Batgirl Mini 3 4

Cover Art:



Batgirl Mini 3

- Adam Beechen

- J. Calafiore, Mark Mckenna

Chronology:Full List
- Batman and the Outsiders #2
- Batgirl #1
- Batgirl #2
- Batgirl #3
- Batgirl #4
- Batgirl #5
- Batgirl #6

- Gotham City
~ Batcave
- Platinum Flats
- Batgirl Uniform

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