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Issue: Batgirl #18
Subtitle: N/A
Date: September 2001
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Supporting Characters: Robin (Timothy Drake)
Villains: Vink, Deadeye
Guest Appearances: N/A
Other Characters: N/A

Haunted by her guilt Cassandra runs across an assassin during her patrol and follows him to a payoff that goes wrong. The payoff was also being watched by Robin however he leaves to go after the boss, Vink, who had employed the assassin, Deadeye, as Cassandra went after the assassin. The two would meet up again at the Vink's homestead where Deadeye abducts Vink's daughter and shoots Cassandra in the getaway. While she applies first aid to herself Robin overhears a ransom call made by Deadeye to Vinks; organising a trade for Vink's daughter. Through Cassandra's intuition and familiarity with assassins she and Robin tracked Deadeye's hideout before he could kill Vink's daughter before he could kill her as revenge for breaking their deal.

"I've, uh...I've been avoiding you. It's... your background. The assassin training and all that. It's childhood's so normal. I mean, Batman and Nightwing had some rough stuff to deal with growing up, but... but, were raised to be that guy down there, and you turned yourself into one of us. That's...pretty intimidating."
— Timothy Drake

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Cover Art:


- Robin first witnesses Cassandra's ability to bullet dodge.
- Damion Scott's 'Daz' signature appears as graffiti on the back of a billboard.

Batgirl 18

- Kelley Puckett

- Damion Scott

Chronology:Full List
- Orpheus Rising #3
- Orpheus Rising #5
- Batgirl #17
- Batgirl #18
- Harley Quinn #10
- Harley Quinn #11
- Harley Quinn #12

- Gotham City

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