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Batcave Caches

The Batcave Caches are a series of bolt-holes and weapon-caches located throughout Gotham City.
Installed by Batman, the caches were a countermeasure set up so that he could go to one at a moment's notice to rest and restock or to serve as an alternative location to retire to should the primary cave become unavailable.

During the "Batman Eternal" incident, Hush (Thomas Elliot) uncovered the existence of the caches and publicly revealed their locations in a bid to disavow Batman in the eyes of the public.

  • Arkham Cache: This cache is located within the sewer system near Arkham Asylum. Following his escape from the asylum, Alfred Pennyworth accessed this cache with Bane's unwitting help.
  • Cicero Depot: This cache was located within a dummy cargo container within the dock depot in Cicero. The contents were liquidated during the "Batman Eternal" incident.
  • Harlem Avenue: This cache was located within the subway system beneath Harlem Avenue. The contents were liquidated during the "Batman Eternal" incident.
  • Martha Wayne Memorial Hospital: This cache was located within the basement of the Martha Wayne Memorial Hospital.


  • Before Hush's attack, there were seventeen caches located throughout the city.
  • Each site has a hydrochloric acid fail-safe that is set to liquidate the contents of a cache should it become compromised.
  • During his initial investigations into "Mother's" human trafficking ring, Bruce Wayne erected the Prague Batcave to co-ordinate his operations.
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