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Owner: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Location:Gotham City, Bristol (Underneath Wayne Manor)
Designation: Headquarters
Affiliation: Bat Family
First Appeared In: Batman #1 (November 2011)

After the Flashpoint incident, the history of the Batcave was re-written.

Upon returning to Gotham City, Bruce initially refused to live in Wayne Manor. Living in and operating from a brownstone in Crime Alley until it was destroyed by the Red Hood gang. Surviving the attack, Bruce returned to the manor was reminded of the cave existing beneath the estate.
Inspired to dress as a bat, Bruce began converting the caverns into an underground headquarters; building a reactor to power future equipment.

Over the years, the cave's headquarters grew to include advanced computer systems, armories, technological garages, training facilities, scientific installations and vehicle bays. As well as temporary living quarters and storage chambers.

As a direct consequence of Hush's attack on Batman during the Batman Eternal incident, Wayne Manor was possessed by the government and converted into "Arkham Manor"; a new asylum to replace the destroyed Arkham Asylum. In order to avoid detection due to the cave's proximity to the manor, the cave was shut down and operations were moved to a restored Talon Nest within the Old Wayne Tower's 13th floor until the Joker's "Endgame" incident resulted in Bruce Wayne losing his memory of being Batman.
While the manor was eventually returned to Bruce Wayne's possession following the Joker's "Endgame" incident (which saw Jeremiah Arkham attempting to kill the manor's patients), the cave remained defunct until Richard Grayson temporarily re-activated it to aid them in the "Batman and Robin Eternal" incident. Following the events surrounding Project Batman, Bruce Wayne returned rejuvenated and re-activated the cave.


  • During the "Death of the Family" incident, it was revealed that the Joker had once attempted to follow the Batman back to the cave by hanging onto the back of the Batboat, however, he could only hold on for as long as the initial caves accessible from the ocean. During his "Endgame", the Joker utilized the advanced healing properties of the Dionesium chemical to survive the cave's rough waterway and its defense systems to successfully infiltrate the debunked lair; stealing the joker card and dinosaur to later use in a parade in Gotham as part of his Endgame plan.
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