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Bat Bunker
2010 Bunker

Owner: Bruce Wayne
Designation: Headquarters
Affiliation: Bat Family
First Appearance:
Batman and Robin #1

Located underneath Wayne Tower, the Bat Bunker previously served as Bruce Wayne’s headquarters during the period immediately after Richard Grayson’s departure for University.
Now, years later, the bunker serves as the new headquarters for Richard Grayson and Damien Wayne.

The bunker is made up of multiple levels, the lowest of which provides access to the Batrocket, a subway train specifically linked between the bunker and the Batcave underneath Wayne Manor. The rocket was installed by Jean Paul Valley during his tenor as Batman.


  • The Batbunker and Wayne Tower are design remnants of the Wayne Foundation Building, which was retconned after the Infinite Crisis.
  • The batmobile enters and exits the bunker via an underground road that extends out to an unused warehouse a few blocks away from Wayne Tower.
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