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Bat-Subway Rocket
Batman's subway rocket

Owner: Bruce Wayne
Designation: Subway Rocket
Affiliation: Bat Family
First Appearance:
Detective Comics #667 (October, 1993)

Created by Harold Allnut during Jean-Paul Valley's tenor as Batman, the Bat-Subway Rocket was later discovered by Valley and provided him with a faster way to get around Gotham. Able to reach speeds of up to 250 miles per hour, the rocket utilized the abandoned train tracks located underneath the Batcave to connect to Gotham's Subway system.
Following the cataclysm earthquake and Gotham's No Man's Land, the track systems were dug back out and a newly updated Subway Rocket was put back into use; particularly used during Richard Grayson and Damien Wayne's tenor as Batman and Robin.


  • On his first voyage, it took 183 seconds for the rocket to get from the cave into the city center near Midtown.
  • In emergencies (such as in the event of an oncoming train), the subway rocket can rotate the cockpit to face the rear and emit emergency jet engines can be activated to increase speed.
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