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Azrael Uniform (New Earth)
The armour of the knighted assassins of the Order of St Dumas, the Azrael Uniform serves as a confirmation of their vows with the Order and a way for the wearer to trigger the latent powers that were genetically implanted in each assassin.
Azrael-suit (Jean-Paul Ludovic Valley Sr.)

This suit was the last uniform worn by Jean-Paul Ludovic Valley Sr. before his death after suffering gunshots that penetrated the suit's armour.
The uniform was passed on to his son, Jean-Paul Valley Jr., who wore it temporarily before opting for a suit with updated armour and weapons.

Jean-Paul Sr. also wielded a flaming sword known as the Sword of Azrael.

Azsuit1 1
Azrael-suit (Jean-Paul Valley) vr1

The first suit worn by Jean-Paul Valley was issued to him by the Order of St Dumas as an updated version of his father's Azrael armour.
The suit possessed stronger armour and gauntlets that contained dual blades that could be lit on fire like the Sword of Azrael.

Following his return to the mantle of Batman, Bruce Wayne returned the uniform to Jean-Paul to aid in his mental recovery after the psychological breakdown Valley suffered while serving as Bruce Wayne's replacement Batman. While pursuing various ventures to "find himself", Jean-Paul ditched the suit while attempting to lead a normal life. However, when he was targeted for death by the Order of St Dumas, Jean-Paul requested Batman's aid and received a new copy of the suit.

Following a brief stint in a newer suit that was unaffiliated with St Dumas, Jean-Paul was forced to return to the old suit when Nicholas Scratch stole the newer suit as part of a plan to sabotage his hard-won reputation. Jean-Paul burned the suit after the incident was resolved.

Another Azrael, one trained in China and controlled by Sister Lilhy, would later wear a copy of this suit.

Azsuit2 9
Azrael-suit (Unnamed) vr1

This suit was worn by Jean-Paul's replacement who the Order attempted to train following Jean-Paul's alliance with Batman.
Jean-Paul later returned to the order after his disastrous time as the Batman and defeated his replacement before rebelling against the order.

The replacement would later be saved by Abra Kadabra, who was acting as an emissary for Neron, and be given a replica of Jean-Paul's Batsuit to cause chaos during the "Underworld Unleashed" incident.

Azsuit3 2
Azrael-suit (Jean-Paul Valley) vr2

After he was framed for the murder of a Politian by Nicholas Scratch, Jean-Paul had to change his suit to avoid unwanted attention while pursuing the villain.

Designed by Harold Allnut, Jean-Paul wore the suit throughout the No Man's Land incident until it was stolen by Nicholas Scratch and he was forced to temporarily replace the suit with the previous suit.

Azsuit3 4
Azrael-suit (Jean-Paul Valley) vr3

Redesigning his outfit to better activate his psychological programming, Jean-Paul donned this suit in his final confrontation against Jeremiah Thompkins and the Chinese Azrael at the Ossaville Castle.
The suit was later augmented by gauntlets that could fire a magnetic beam that disrupts the nervous system. Designed by Harold Allnut, Jean-Paul dubbed the gauntlets "Angel Fury".

Azsuit4 1
Azrael-suit (Lilhy Duma)

Following being Jokerized during the Joker's Last Laugh incident, Sister Lilhy took to calling herself Azrael and attempted to murder a building full of pensioners by burning down the retirement building. She was confronted and cured by Jean-Paul before she went through with the scheme.




  • In Jean-Paul Ludovic Valley Sr. career as Azrael, he had killed fourteen men, two women, and an eleven year old child before his own death at Carleton LeHah's hands. He never wanted his son to join the Order of Saint Dumas but Jean-Paul Jr. misinterpreted his father's dying wish and sought the Order out to learn who his father was.
  • Only the Azraels are allowed to use bladed weapons in the Order of St Dumas. The majority of these blades posses the ability to be enflamed.
  • Jean-Paul changed back to his version 2 suit after fan backlash over the version 3 suit.
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