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Issue: Azrael Agent of the Bat #66
Subtitle: New Order
Date: July 2000
Feature Characters: Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)
Supporting Characters: Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Brian Bryan
Villains: Azrael, Sister Lilhy, Mr. Gordius
Guest Appearances: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Other Characters: Mrs. Ryan

A month after Jean Paul burned his Azrael costume, Dr. Leslie Thompkins and Brian Bryan gave him a birthday celebration. Lilhy, after finding a sect of the Order of St. Dumas in Asia, returned to Gotham City with a new Azrael. Batman told Jean Paul that his mother may have survived the Order.

"My costume! That was it! She was asking why I wasn't wearing the Azrael suit, and I thought she was trying to tell me about herself, and... she's gone."
— Jean-Paul Valley

Azrael Agent of the Bat 66 1 - Azrael Agent of the Bat 66 2 - Azrael Agent of the Bat 66 3 - Azrael Agent of the Bat 66 4

Cover Art:

File:A 66.jpg


Azrael 66

- Dennis O'Neil

- Roger Robinson
- James Pascoe

Chronology:Full List
- Young Justice #20
- Young Justice #21
- Batgirl Annual 2000 #1
- Azrael Agent of the Bat #66
- Batgirl #2
- Batgirl #3
- Batgirl #4

- Gotham City
~ East End Free Clinic
~ Bryan's Clinic
- Azrael Uniform
- Batgirl Uniform

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