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Issue: Azrael Agent of the Bat #60
Subtitle: Evacuation
Date: January 2000
Feature Characters: Azrael (Jean Paul Valley), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Supporting Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Villains: Joker, Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel)
Guest Appearances: Nightwing (Richard Grayson), Barbara Gordon, James Gordon
Other Characters: Ozzie, Wilmer F. Von Slinkery, Leslie Thompkins, Cassie

Azrael and Batgirl went into Joker's territory to evacuate all the civilians. They ran into some of his gang, but made short work of them. After they thought they had everyone out, they heard of another child still left. The girl had been captured by Joker. They walked right up to Joker, thinking he was a henchman dressed as his boss, and got the girl to safety.

"Don't bother me! I'm busy being upset!"
— Joker

Azrael Agent of the Bat 60 1 - Azrael Agent of the Bat 60 2 - Azrael Agent of the Bat 60 3 - Azrael Agent of the Bat 60 4

Cover Art:

A 60

- This is Cassandra's first encounter with the Joker.

Azrael 60

- Dennis O'Neil

- Roger Robinson
- James Pascoe

Chronology:Full List
- Detective Comics #739
- Shadow of the Bat #93
- Robin #73
- Azrael Agent of the Bat #60
- Azrael Agent of the Bat #61
- Detective Comics #741
- Gotham City Secret Files and Origins #1

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