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Athenian Women's Help Shelter

Owner: Athena (Granny Goodness)
Designation: Women Help Shelter
Affiliation: Darkseid
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #5 (May, 2007)

The Athenian Women's Help Shelter is a chain of shelters for battered women opened across the United States in urban centers such as New York City, Gotham City and Metropolis. The shelters were briefly under investigation by the Department of Metahuman Affairs for a suspected connection between them and the then-fugitive Wonder Woman.

The shelters were actually created by Granny Goodness to court and train young women and turn them into Female Furies. Disguised as Athena, Granny lured street urchins or former petty criminals into the shelters with luxurious spa therapies and physical and mental disciplines similar to Amazon Training. Rejected women, most often those with young children, were turned back onto the streets.
After several weeks of "Athena's" vigourous training, the shelter women were brought to Themyscira; now deserted after the Amazons Attack incident, to learn various forms of combat in a military-esk training camp to become the barbarious fighters Granny required of her Furies.

Hippolyta, Harleen Quinzel, Mary Batson and Holly Robinson uncovered Granny's plot and disrupted the camp. While Mary, Harley and Holly pursued Granny back to Apokolips, locating and freeing the real Athena and the other Olympian Gods from Darkseid's thrall, Hippolyta stayed behind to take command of the shelter recruits and return the island to Amazon hands.

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