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Arkham Asylum (alternate)

Owner: Unknown
Designation: Public location
First Appearance:
Teen Titans #18

In an alternate future, four years after the Infinite Crisis, Duela Dent destroyed Arkham Asylum in a bid to break her father, the Joker, out. The asylum ruins was eventually replaced with a cemetery; filled with the graves of the Bat Family, the members of which Duela killed when the Joker refused her as a daughter, and their rogues gallery, whom Timothy Drake had killed throughout the years after becoming Batman.

Some of the people buried here include:

Bruce Wayne
Alfred Pennyworth
Bette Kane
Cassandra Cain
Helena Bertinelli
Carrie Kelley
Ibn Al Xu’ffasch
Selina Kyle

Waylon Jones
Harvey Dent
Tommy Elliot
Edward Nigma Jr
Jonathan Crane
Oswald Cobblepot
Shiva Wu-san
Dr Kirk Langstrom

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