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Ark Project Refugee Center

Designation: Refuge camp
Affiliation: Neutral
First Appearance:

The Ark Project Refugee Center was a religious refuge and shelter for citizens during the period Gotham City was declared a No Man's Land.
Located within one of the city's damaged cathedrals, like the MASH Sector, the camp excercised independence from the city's warring factions inspite of repeated insistance from factions like the Blue Boys (Gotham City Police Department) that they would be able to offer them protection if they did so.

During the mid-months of the No Man's Land, the camp was infiltrated by Scarecrow, who began to manipulate the people within the camp as an experiment in primordial fear. With the Huntress' assistance, however, the Scarecrow's experiment in turning the camp into a fear-driven mob failed and the criminal was ousted.

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