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Aerie 1

Owner: Zinda Blake
Designation: Mobile Base of Operations
Affiliation: Birds of Prey
First Appearance:
Birds of Prey #75

The Aerie One is a heavily modified Citation X business jet used as the mobile homebase of the Birds of Prey following the destruction of the Gotham City Clock Tower. The jet was eventually replaced as the group's base of operations following their move into the Dalten Towers in Metropolis.
Following this "decommission", the plane was used by Birds of Prey agents for transportation to and from overseas missions before being infected and "acquired" by the Platinum Flats Syndicate member, Kilg%re.

Powered by two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines, the Citation X is the fastest operational civilian jet model in the world.
Modified by Tedd Kord, the aircraft can become invisible to current radar technology and satellites as well as possessing a camouflage skin to conceal itself while stationary. The jet can also generate 250 decoy images to baffle additional radar systems, possesses basic Meta and Orthodox countermeasures and possesses virtual armour that is capable of temporarily resisting kryptonian heat vision.

Originally belonging to Blackhawk Inc., an international shipping company that evolved from the original Blackhawks division in World War II, the Citation X was abducted by shareholder Zinda Blake (Lady Blackhawk) following her recruitment into the Birds of Prey.
With all identifying marks removed, the jet was remodeled by Ted Kord in Kord Industries before being renamed the "Aerie 1" by Barbara Gordon.


  • The jet also includes a remote control, nicknamed the "Excalibur" by Ted Kord, which allows the user additional control of the jet's features via remote.
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