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Name: "Baby Bat" Aaron Langstrom
Nationality: American
Birth Order: 2nd
Siblings: Rebecca Langstrom
Parents: Dr Robert Langstrom, Dr Francine Langstrom
Last Known Residence:
- The Langstrom Farm, 20.3 KM SSE of Gotham City
Son to Kirk Langstrom and Francine Langstrom Aaron is their second child and only son. Although his sister, Rebecca, is human, possibly due to his father's altered chemistry Aaron was born as a Man-bat, so far displaying no ability to turn human.
Aaron was conceived right before Kirk Langstrom left for South Africa and born just after the Clench virus incident in Gotham City.

When Gotham was turned into a No Man’s Land, the Langstrom’s stayed behind, and Man-Bat came to find them. When he found Francine, she explained to him that Aaron had been kidnapped, and Man-Bat, acting from fatherly instinct, went to find him. To save him, Francine and Elizabeth also took the Man-Bat serum. After saving Aaron, the family of Man-Bats flew away.
They had taken up residence in the bell tower at Brentwood Academy. There Jaeger went after the Man-Bat and his family. Tim Drake went to help them. He had gotten a supply of Man-Bat antidote from Batman, and used it to cure Kirk, Francine, and Elizabeth. Denied his prey, Jaeger left. Kirk is now attempting to find a way to allow Aaron to shift between human and Man-Bat form.

Overhearing an arguement between his parents about asking Bruce Wayne to help them Aaron goes to ask him himself. Arriving in the Batcave he stayed undetected until his father came to Gotham searching for him. In exchange for his help Bruce Wayne asked that Aaron bring the cave's bat's back after they had vacated it after being inocculated from the Clench-B virus.

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First Appearance:
- Detective Comics #683 (Pregnancy Announced)
- Man-Bat #3 (First Appearance)

First Appearance with Cass Cain:
- Gotham Knights #42

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