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Owner: Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Location: Gotham City, Bristol (Underneath Wayne Manor)

Designation: Headquarters

Affiliation: Bat Family

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  After the Final Crisis and Bruce Wayne's "death" at the hands of Darkseid, Richard Grayson would eventually take up the mantle of Batman and, in a bid for a fresh start, closed the cave and moved his operations to the abandoned bunker under the Wayne Foundation Building. However, while Batman (Richard Grayson) and Robin (Damien Wayne) operated from the BatBunker, Oracle and Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) would move into the cave and operate from there, until Richard Grayson insisted on their departure. Whereupon Team Batgirl was moved to what would eventually be called the Firewall.

Following Bruce Wayne's return and the defeat of Doctor Hurt, the Batcave was returned to previous operational standards as Bruce Wayne's headquarters while Richard Grayson still operated from the BatBunker. This continued until after the Flashpoint incident when Grayson returned to being Nightwing.

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