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Batcave 015

Owner: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Location:Gotham City, Bristol (Underneath Wayne Manor)
Designation: Headquarters
Affiliation: Bat Family
First Appeared In: One Year Later event

Following the reappearance of the Multiverse and the reshaping of the dimensions in wake of the Infinite Crisis, the Batcave was altered to take on the characteristics of both the Post-Cataclysm era cave and the Pre-Cataclysm era cave.

After a year of being shut down after the Infinite Crisis as Bruce Wayne, Timothy Drake and Richard Grayson travelled the world to retrain, this reformed cave saw the arrival of Damian Wayne to Bruce Wayne’s family. The cave fell victim to the destruction wrought by the Black Glove when they targeted the Bat Family. Although eventually repaired to an operating standard, the cave was closed down after the mantle of Batman was passed on to Richard Grayson.


- Main Level: Central Grotto
- S-L: Hangar areas
- S-L1: Laboratories/Workshops/Library
- S-L2: Gymnasium and shooting range
- S-L3: Storage/Trophy Rooms
- S-L4: Storage/Trophy Rooms
- S-L5: Storage/Trophy Rooms
- S-L7: Unknown

Batcave 1


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