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Name: Unknown
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: "Merc"
Nationality: White American
Maritual Status: Unknown
Occupation: Mercenary
Last Known Residence:
Gotham City
A mercenary-for-hire most identifiable by the 'Merc' tattoo on his right bicep.
'Merc' was one of five mercenaries who appeared in Film 1 of the Cain Family Tapes. Some time later, his arm still healing, he encounters Cassandra in a back street of Vietnam after she ran away from her father, David Cain.
Years later the two meet yet again, this time in Gotham where Cassandra is now donning the Batgirl mantle. Under Batman's tutorage she stops him from robbing a bank truck and knocks him out. Re-inacting the scene she had witnessed during their previous encounter.

Merc 1

- Scott Peterson, Damion Scott

First Appearance:
- Batgirl #1


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